song of the dream of flight

you'll know I'm telling the truth and not lying
if I tell you there's nothing I'd rather dream about than flying
even when I wake up in my own bed and realize
I can't actually use my jacket as wings and take to the skies

the dream of flight is persistent across times and cultures
people have always dreamed of floating like vultures
on currents of air with their arms out like this
they are serious about wanting it not taking the piss

the thing about modern life that is a bitter irony
is we have no shortage of opportunities for actual flyrony
but most of it involves standing in long lines at the TSA
and then feeling increasingly thirsty as the air pressure whooshes away

I don't mind flying in a plane with a sprawly seatmate
as long as I have a good book to read and some mediocre food on a plate
in just a dozen hours I can go from istanbul to LA
it's not the most perfect fulfillment of the dream of flight but it's okay

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