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poems for all occasions



my heart's a little ragged but it's all that I've got
so I'm going to give it a try
look out world I'm coming ready or not

new poems 02.17.21

doctors are wrong | everyone hates billy collins | song of submission guidelines | you were a child once

new poems 09.03.20

dogs can't write poetry | love is a lawless land | poems make money | the point is a metaphor

new poems 12.02.19

highly reassuring love song | poets and stars are alike in some ways but different in others | there has never been a better time to write poetry | you don't have to love a country

new poems 11.25.19

dead trees i'm sorry | not every poem is a world | some people have children when the world is clearly ending | the heart is a muscle the size of wyoming

new poems 11.09.19

flying is not dangerous | i made a to do list | what will the poets do when all the birds are extinct

we are all always under construction