there has never been a better time to write poetry

It took a long time to write this poem
It will take even longer to find it
You will have to buy several specialized reference works
To even begin to unwind it
This poem is a skein of uncertainty woven
And snarled with a skein of old string
This poem is a bugger to parse let alone
Completely unsuited to sing

Our age is a beautiful age in some ways
For example there has never been a better time
To write poetry even if you can't think of a rhyme
It's better than novels or plays
Studies have shown that in times of great evil
People read poems by the bucketful
Of course we're all sorry about all the upheaval
But for raking in money it's wonderful

It took several days to write this poem
But when it was finished I sold it
To old Rupert Murdoch for a cool million bucks
Who will make the font huge and then bold it
Poetry is an art like anything else
I do it exceedingly badly
But when someone offers me barrels of wealth
I grab them up quicky and gladly
Poetry is an art like anything else
You practice it till you get good
Then cash in as fast and as flush as you can
And buy a nice yacht made of wood.

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