what will the poets do when all the birds are extinct

today was the first day I didn't think about birds at all
death met me at the food court in what used to be the mall
and I started to think about how birds used to nest in the lighting fixtures
high above the indoor fountain then I lost track of my thoughts

death says some things just are so don't get hung up on oughts
death always wants something from you or more than one thing in various mixtures
I could not think of the shape of a bird so I tried to draw
a bird on a napkin but I couldn't remember what I saw

there had been thousands of them maybe millions alive at the same time
someone has invented an artificial canopy
where realistic songs chirp here and there from many a real and fake tree
people think the sound is ugly and would rather listen to a wind chime

fourteen people were born this morning who will never see a bird
no one will teach them and they will assume birds are mythological
or possibly science fiction and equally absurd
I heard kids have a poor sense of the chronological

what will the poets do when all the birds are gone?
they keep looking out the window waiting for something to occur
something is missing they can't quite put their fingers on
it sticks in the sleeve of their mind like a burr

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