harriet monroe should have published my poems

harriet monroe should have published my poems
now she's dead and the joke is on her
i'll rise from rejection like venus from foams
in a turmoil of ballslush and pulcher

sylvia beach should return from the dead
and publish my poems in a chapbook
those tin house jabronies should bankroll a shed
of slim volumes with that hipster look

emily nemens should publish my verse
in the paris review with a cool scan
of an earlier draft that was fifty times worse
and a chat with that nice interview man

that guy from mcsweeney's should publish my work
i didn't ask him but he should ask me
who cares anyway i heard that guy is a jerk
and his editorial work is sloppy

that new big conglom that sounds like a bad joke
should put out a giant promotion
of all of my poems with a poem on each Coke
and a drawing for trips to the ocean

publishers of the world i am calling you out
come and blow up my phone like you should
i am trying to be subtle do i need to shout
can it be that you think i'm no good

bad penny and rabbit catastrophe too
noemi copper canyon and pank
alice james books i am looking at you
get on this and start making bank

they say that a poem is news that stays news
such as "hey, a bird: there I said it"
if you don't start rewarding my poetic views
you'll probably live to regret it

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